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No headphone remote works with Moto G4 Plus

My problem is with the headphone remote.. I own a Moto G4 Plus and i find that no headphone with remote is able to work with my smartphone. I can hear the audio but the remote does not work at all and I can't think of any headphone that could possibly work.


After some research i got to know that Moto g phones does not support headphones with 3-button remote unlike those with 1 button. However i can't even get my 1-button Sennheiser cx 275s universal headphone working with my smartphone. Please Help.


I would like to know why it doesn't work or whether there is something else restricting that functionality?


Because so far i've had no problem using the same headphone with Oneplus 6 smartphone in which the 1 and only button can play pause music, receive end calls and also skip to next track when pressed twice and launch google assistant when long pressed.


So i'm almost sure that there is nothing wrong with the headphones but the smartphone hardware itself.


If there is any headphone you know that is guaranteed to work please let me know.

Some of the headphones i'm thinking of buying from are: RHA MA 390, Sony MDR EX-150 AP, JBL C100 Si, HOM- Smile Jamaica.



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