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Paper Tape
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Refuses to repair new eBay purchased phone under warranty?!

I purchased a brand new Moto G4 Plus phone off of eBay on 9/1/2018 and it's 1/2/2019 now so it's definitely less than a year ago.


It came to me sealed inside its official box even still with the motorola seal keeping the box shut. Brand new. Never even opened!


It has developed the well known phantom touch problem which is a hardware problem with the touch screen causing random touch events on the screen.  You can read all about that on these very forums.


Motorola website clearly states that eBay purchases of brand new phones are covered by their warranty:


Read it here:


And yet when I go through the process to request warranty repair first they reject my ebay receipt but won't tell me why.

Then I get on the chat support, and they eventually tell me it's because the seller was not an authorized retailer.


Are some eBay sellers authorized and others are not? really? But anyway, the webpage on motorola's own support site (linked above) doesn't say anything about the specific seller having to be authorized with Motorola.


What's the deal here? Is the above support article just wrong when it says they warranty new ebay phones? Can someone get that fixed if that's the case?


Please pardon me if I seem a little agitated. It's most frustrating trying to work with warranty departments that won't read what you write or listen to what you say and then won't even write a meaningful response.


Thank you very much,



Senior MotoAgent
Senior MotoAgent
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Re: Refuses to repair new eBay purchased phone under warranty?!

Hi jesseg,


Thanks for reaching out. We have your case information and see your issue. I found out that you have been working with our repair escalations team towards the resolution of this concern. They are the proper team to handle this concern.


Motorola Support

**Please don't ask me questions by Personal Message; questions belong in the forums.

Paper Tape
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Re: Refuses to repair new eBay purchased phone under warranty?!

Thank you for your note.


You say that they are the proper team to handle this concern, but do you know that they cannot seem to handle it?


They do not seem to even understand English - they can write the words perfectly but do not seem to know what they are saying or what they are reading.


I'm not too sure they even read what I write. Goodness, I don't even think they read what they write!


15 emails and one chat session later, and I'm right where I started: With a defective phone within the warranty period and no help.


And by the way, the defective problem is a well known problem for this model of phone!


Right here on motorola's own website it says eBay purchases of new phones are covered:


And yet when it comes down to it, they don't like the kind of receipt that eBay sends for all purchases, and are refusing to honor the warranty.


Actually some of them told me the receipt was not acceptable (but not why), and others told me the seller wasn't an authorized dealer.


Why can't they put their heads together and reconcile the fact that their own website states that it's covered and make this right?


If they don't accept eBay receipts, then why lie on their website and say they cover new phones sold on eBay?


The receipt I got from eBay is exactly the same thing that 177 million other ebay users get when they buy things off ebay -- an email confirmation describing the item, the price, and the date, along with ebay's mailing address.


Why have different agents told me different things? And why do none of them care that motorola's own website says the warranty is valid?


It's as if this "team" doesn't work together. Doesn't sound like team work to me, but I wish them all the best.


And please pardon my possibly annoyed tone - but I am just a triffle annoyed. I've been patiently trying to get a coherent or at least inteligent answer from the "team" for a week and a half with pretty much daily interaction and it's been very frustrating.


This is not the level of customer service that Lenovo is striving for. You have such a great portfolio - I love motorola products and I love my IBM thinkpads, so don't get me wrong.


Thank you very much and if there's any way you can bring order to this situation I would be most grateful!




Senior MotoAgent
Senior MotoAgent
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Re: Refuses to repair new eBay purchased phone under warranty?!

Hello jesseg,


I sent you a private message, when you have a moment can you please take a look at it?


Best regards,


Paper Tape
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Re: Refuses to repair new eBay purchased phone under warranty?!

Hello Becky,


I did get your private message - thank you! I also responded, but evidently you didn't get my response, else you would not have requested me to check on it. But no matter.


In your private message you explained that Motorola's warranty is only valid if the phone was purchased from the Motorola eBay user ID. You also indicated that if the seller had indicated there was a warranty, that I should contact him.


My response is below:


Thank you for your reply.

I did not even know that Motorola sold directly on eBay! And I can't believe it took this long for someone at Motorola/Lenovo to actually point that out!

And with 25 million people selling on eBay -- and many thousands of them selling *Motorola phones* on eBay, how would anyone have guessed that the warranty spoken of on the Motorola page was only for a single one of those 25 million eBay sellers?

Well what do we do now? For Motorola to simply say that eBay purchases are covered with no mention that it was only true for one out of 25 million sellers, I think that's somewhere north of gross negligence or maybe even fraud ha ha!

But anyway, whatever Motorola's internal policy is I don't know. But at the time I purchased the phone, and at this very moment, Motorola's *published* policy is that my phone is covered, as seen here at the time of this writing:

So I think it would be appropriate for Motorola to clarify that false page, and fix my phone for free.

Doesn't that seem fair to you?  It's not my fault that Motorola wrote that false information.  In fact, it is Motorola's responsibility to be honest to their customers -- and it is also their responsibility to hire employees who won't write dumb things as appears to have happened on the page that says eBay purchases of new phones are covered.

Surely whoever wrote that was aware that ebay had millions of sellers and lots of them are selling phones...

The seller I bought this from didn't need to claim there was a warranty. He claimed it was brand new -- and it *was* brand new. And Motorola's own website told me that it was under warranty because it was brand new. At least that's what the words say. You say that's not what they were meant to say, but that is what they do say.

Look, I realize it was a mistake on Motorola's part.  But now an innocent customer is suffering from it. Shouldn't Motorola make it right?

If Motorola's page had instead said ".. only for phones purchased from ebay user Motorola" then I could have known that there was no warranty and to get one directly from Motorola.

Thank you very much,