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Paper Tape
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Smaller Moto 4G with Better Specs?

I was REALLY disappointed in the size increase with the new Moto  G4 family  --except for the 5" screen Play model of course, which I'm now considering getting...if the camera is good.


Does anyne have any idea how good the 8 megapixel camera is with its bigger sensor ( I haven't found any site that reviews it) ? Or am I better off getting the Moto G's third gen  model, if that has a decent camera.


And if anyone from Motorola is monitoring this forum, how about putting the 4G Plus' specs into  the Play or a Moto E body? That would be a winner; Apple is having quite a bit of success with the iPhone SE. Make the Moto G thicker if you have to, but something with a 5.5" screen is unwieldy - and I don't have small hands..

Paper Tape
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Re: Smaller Moto 4G with Better Specs?

I guess we are in the minority, but I'm with bijom.  Instead of making bigger phones, just improve the specs.  I do not like a big phone, I want something that fits EASILY in my pocket, but is powerful.


I currently have 4 Motorola phones, 3 of them are still active on cellular networks. I also originally purchased them when they all came out new.  I have the E2 (Currently Sprint), G4 Play (Currently AT&T), E4 (Not currently connected), E5 Plus (Currently T-mobile).


My favorite phone for the feel is my E2.  I love the size.  I love the slightly curved back that fits into the hand.  The battery life was great for the phone too.  I use this phone all the time for my driving directions and Lyft.  Also if I'm in a spot where my other phones don't get service I may use this phone.


I would have stuck with the E2 all these years if I didn't keep running out of space for apps.  I upgraded to the G4 Play so I would have twice the storage, which was great until about a year ago.  So just recently I upgraded to the E5 Plus because I was wanting to double my app space again. The E4 isn't used because it was a free phone when I originally signed up with MetroPCS, so I took it as a backup phone.


Now that you are making the phones with less bevel around the screen, you could make a 5" screen phone the same size a the E2 was, and it would be great.


Here are the specs for the perfect new E line budget phone:

4.5" or 5" edge-to-edge display 720p

2500 mAh battery



8MP Rear Camera with Flash

5MP Front Camera

No Fingerprint Scanner

As far as processors, whatever is a budget processor currently; 1.4 Quad core is fine.


Thanks for letting me give my opinion.

Senior MotoAgent
Senior MotoAgent
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Re: Smaller Moto 4G with Better Specs?

Hi Stick8oy,


Thank you for posting. We'll pass this along to our Product teams for review. We appreciate your feedback. Thanks.


Best regards,
Motorola Support

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