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We need you!





Do you like testing new software? Do you like the idea of providing feedback directly to Motorola?  Do you like finding bugs and issues? If you answered yes to any of these questions then we need you for the MFN!

Click here to find out more!

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Re: We need you!

Alguma data provavel de lançar o update preview N?

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Re: We need you!

Reliance Jio needs to be added in carrier list Smiley Happy

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Re: We need you!


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Re: We need you!

Just got the phone a couple days ago. Hopefully not too late for this.

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Re: We need you!

You can join the Motorola Feedback Network any time. There's no deadline. Just be sure to register your device in My Stuff and "opt-in" to the network. See the link in earlier post.

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Re: We need you!

Fanfold Paper
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Re: We need you!


Hello all, I was asked to post the preceding link to a bug report from my Motorola G4 that i purchased a little over a week ago.  The problem that I am having is that my phone will not connect to the cisco network used by my employer.  Rebecca, a L3 tech support rep for motorola asked me to capture the bug report and post the link in a motorola forum with as much info as possible so here goes:

When attempting to set up the login using Cisco Network Setup Assistant, the network is selected and I enter my NTID and password, the phone shows that it is connecting for a brief moment then shows "Authentication Problem" under the network attempting to be accessed.  The phone continues to try and connect twice more unsuccessfully and then shows "saved" under the Wi-FI network.  After a few seconds "WiFi connection failure" is shown under the network and nothing else happens.  

The bug report link posted is from 0851 EST this morning 10/19/16.  I love this phone.  Any support in getting this fixed would be greatly appreciated.   I don't want to return it in order to get a device that will access my network while at work.

Punch Card
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Re: We need you!

You should probably start a new thread for this and not post this in a completely unrelated thread as you have here.
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