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Token Ring
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Re: What is "Selfie photo mirror"

@compuser101 wrote:

@SnoopDoge wrote:

this option is to mirror your pictures, for example, if you took a pic and behind you on your RIGHT there's a wall painting, if the option is ON the painting will be on your LEFT, if it OFF, the painting will be still on your RIGHT as it's hanged on the wall

Thank you. That's what I initially thought even before I tried it. The app is glitchy and so it sometimes wont even mirror my selfie. Motorola seriously needs to work on updating their apps. The Moto Camera hasn't been updated since August 26.

well. i dont have issues on my end, and to be honest, i have my phone since June, and today i opened the camera and looked at what you were talking about, i dont take slefies too much 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: What is "Selfie photo mirror"

Actually you are wrong. When nabled the picture will keep the way is on the camera screen the way it supposed to look (as looking at yourself in a mirror). With it disabled you will appear flipped after pic is taken (as the the point of view of someone looking at you).

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