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Re: Workaround for Moto G4 ghost touch

I had a ghost touch problem in Motorola G3 3rd.  It might have existed earlier, but I realized it after I installed WhatsApp.  When I tested video call, the phone went crazy and I had a hard time to get it back in control.  After that ghost touches were regular.


I tried all the tips I could find but to no avail.  Lastly I tried a sparking gas lighter like this <>.  I kept the sparking head near the screen everywhere and made sparks (the lighter had run out of gas).  The screen reacted like I would have touched it, so I knew that some effect happened out of electromagnetic field.  That is now a couple of weeks ago and I have not seen one assured instance of a ghost touch.


If the operation keeps my phone in sense even some weeks, it is a good and easy method.  I hope this helps others with the problem.


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