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Re: moto g4 plus random shutdown

When is this problem going to be fixed?


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Re: moto g4 plus random shutdown

We have an ongoing issue with frequent, random shut downs of (2) Moto G4 in our household. We are dissatisfied with Lenovo not taking responsibility for an obvious product issue & for not resolving issue by either a free of charge replacement or repair. This issue has been reported frequently by other customers. Customers are not responsible for this manufacturing flaw & Lenovo should resolve. We presently have (4) Motorola phones on our account
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Re: moto g4 plus random shutdown

@JDwriter wrote:


The other thing we saw mentioned was that the battery can be jostled so that it doesn't make all the contacts it should. I drop my phone frequently. I was skeptical, but my husband took out the battery and then put it back in. I started using the phone again the next day, and I ran it all the way down to 0%! No more random shutdowns. I did not put the case back on, in case that was part of the problem. It's been several days, and it seems to be working perfectly. I'll try to report again over time to see if this is a permanent fix.


Hope this helps some of you. This problem has been driving me absolutely bananas!

This also worked for me - thanks for the fix!!  Unfortunately the battery wire retaining clip came apart when I was trying to get it off.  I maanged to shoehorn it back together using a jeweler's loupe and some tweezers but I doubt it is going to work for long.  But better a new battery than a new phone. 

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Re: moto g4 plus random shutdown

i had the same issue with my device ,it started 10 months ago and i went to the service centre of motorola but they were of no help. I resolved my issue by myself.First of all opt this method only of your phone is out of warranty as this is just a hack which is working for me.The issue could arise due to three reasons.First is the battery,if your battery is swollen then it might be the issue ,make sure you check the battery for any faults.if your battery is working fine then the second reason which could cause this problem is the power IC check that the power ic is working fine or not and if its not then you need to change it.the last reason is the the connector of power ic might be moving which was the cause of the problem in my device .I just placed a peice of tape on the connector to ensure that it doesnt discconects again and again and then put back the lid.This hack has been working fine for me ,my device is working normally since then,there is no battery draining and no shutdown issues.You might need to have this work done by a professional as this includes the opening of the back panel of the device and identfying the concerned connector.I hope this will resolve your issue and every others issue regarding the device.

@raj_pichholiya wrote:

Hi, I'm experiencing a very annoying problem with my Moto G4 plus of shutting down automatically randomly. Situations are: 1. The phone is idle, received a call, phone shuts down. 2. Listening to music, suddenly shuts down. 3. Playing game, received a notification/ call, shuts down. *Every time the battery level is decent. Please suggest something.


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