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A row of keys not selectable when entering my pin on G5 phone.

I have replaced the screen on a Motorola G5 phone.  The screen display works fine except for the row of keys X, 0, tick.  The original screen was very badly cracked.  My son also broke the charging board. He kept on using it until the battery totally died.  I replaced the charging board and recharged the battery.  I cant get into the phone because the tick box is unselectable.

At the moment I have not tried doing any sort of resets, to see if that fixes the problem.  My son used to get into the phone using his fingerprint, so tomorrow I will see if that still works (probably not because it was a while ago he used it). If I can I may be able to find out more.


I think that its probably something i have done when trying to repair it, or its the new screen that is faulty, or its the digitizer on the main board(??). Not sure about the last one??? 


I have checked the main display cable is connected (taken it off and on). 

My question is what should I try next.  Stupid I know, but is there anyway I can test the new screen, to work out if it is faulty or not.  I do not have another g5 I can swop parts with.


Any suggestions




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