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Battery drain (multiple Google and Android services)

Starting 4 days ago I experienced a well-know problem where Google Play Services runs amok, drains the battery and consumes CPU so vociferously that the Moto G5+ gets warm to the touch.  I temporarily resolved the issue for two days by clearing the system cache -- thanks all for that answer.


Now the problem has recurred and clearing cache has no effect.  The phone is warm, it took 3x longer to charge than normal, and is discharging at 3 times the normal rate.  Battery use list shows Google Services and Android system at the top; just 4 & 3% right now but increasing.  G Play Services not showing.

The #1 supect IMHO is Microsoft (SURPRISE!) Intune and the work profile it created, including Gmail and calendar.  It may be thrashing to sync, which I understand is a typical cause of high CPU use.  I'm experimenting with Work Mode on/off -- ironically, I suspect the problem arises with Work Mode off, possibly because the system tries to sync when it can't? 


This is the last Android phone I ever buy.   

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