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Re: Cannot access storage on Moto G5

@deckhanddave wrote:
Hi Porphyrius
Thanks for responding to my post. I'll work my way through it one by one. I made a mistake in my original post,the card was a Transcend not Sandisk. I have tried to access it but it shows as write protected and I can't shift it, even in Win 10 cmd. So, a new card was inserted and formatted. I still can't access my internal storage, even in safe mode. I just get the spinner and it has been doing that for over a minute. Any further suggestions on that problem? Thanks Dave.

Have you got these USB drivers installed on your Windows system,


If you can access your Internal memory after istalling there's a quirk I've disovered with adopive storage.You cannot copy files from the phone to the Root-System-Drive on the PC but can copy them to inside a Folder on the Root-Drive-C.You can also copy files from the phone to a 2nd none-system Drive/partition.



ii0cGRyMoto G3 USB screenshot





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Re: Cannot access storage on Moto G5

I have now 👍😃, Thanks. Will have another play around later and try again. 🤞
What's DOS?
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Re: Cannot access storage on Moto G5

Hey guys!

Even when I go to safe mode, I can still not access my internal storage Smiley Sad

Plus I cannot access my memory card from any of the apps to manage files ( I have tried a couple).

Can anyone please help me???

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