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G5+ (4/64 - Unlocked - Retus) - My experience updating to 8.1

After reading many reports of people here having issues, I was very hesitant to update from 7.0 to 8.1.  


I updated the phone in the following order:


(1) Backup - seems to be automatic anyway via Google drive. 

(2) Charge phone fully.

(3) Turn off phone - Remove SD card - Turn on phone.

(4) Factory Reset - after reboot, I do not input my credentials - 'skip' app restore. 

(5) Install 8.1 update - after reboot, wait for the necessary Google services to install.

(6) Factory Reset - after reboot, input my credentials & restore apps.

(7) Turn off phone - Replace SD card - Turn on phone.

(8) Test phone functions.



(1) Blutooth - no problem playing a Youtube video to my blutooth speaker. 

(2) Phone calls - no problem making, or receiving a phone call.  Audio level seems fine.   Speaker volume = ok.

(3) Wifi - no drops at my place, or a friend's house. 

(4) Browsing via Chrome - no problems. 

(5) Text message - using the default 'Messages' - no problem. 

(6) Google Maps - no problem.

(7) Gmail - no problem receiving/sending/deleting emails. 

(8) Flashlight - Moto action (karate chop x2) works fine. 

(9) Battery - might be decreasing at a faster rate - not sure yet, will give it time to adjust. 


One thing I may have messed up, is that my text messages were all gone after restoring my apps. Maybe I missed a tick box somewhere for Backup.  I would have liked to keep them, but not the end of the world. 

I"m not sure if it was necessary to remove the SD card prior to the update, but I wanted to eliminate any potential problems. 


I will report any strange things but so far, so good. 


Moto G5+ (4gb/64gb) (Retus) - Unlocked
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Re: G5+ (4/64 - Unlocked - Retus) - My experience updating to 8.1

Text messages are not generally backed up along with your Google app data backups... when you did factory reset you threw them away.


My process was much simpler: check for updates, say yes. So far no issues, phone seems snappier than before, and battery life seems better too.


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