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Paper Tape
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G5 - GPS issues after oreo update

I performed the Oreo update on my G5 monday.

I didn't Use the GPS that day, but found out on tuesday.


Both Google Maps and HereWeDrive had trouble finding the signal ("Waiting for GPS") and keeping up while driving .


Location mode was set up as "High accuracy".


I tried safe mode the next day, no difference.


I did a factory reset on wednesday.

No difference.


Anyone else having this problem ?

Paper Tape
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Re: G5 - GPS issues after oreo update

Same problem. GPS worked 1st day after oreo update of my moto G5 plus. Now, 7 days  later it is dead. Can't find any satellite.

Paper Tape
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Re: G5 - GPS issues after oreo update

You mention that the GPS worked the first day after the oreo update.

That reminded me that I did use my GPS the day of the update, after the update.
It was used by my running app, and it worked, but not 100% (i just checked the map of my workout and it's not fully corresponding the route i ran).

The big troubles started the day after the update.

That morning I received a couple of update files OTA.

When I tried the GPS later that morning it didn' work.


Did you get update files on the air after the oreo update ?



Punch Card
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Re: G5 - GPS issues after oreo update

Wow - that's pretty ridiculous.

I'm watching and waiting on the side lines, as I have not updated my G5+ to 8.1 yet, due to people like you experiencing & reporting problems.


Keep posting your experiences, I'm waiting if/until resolutions are found.
Moto G5+ (4gb/64gb) (Retus) - Unlocked
Paper Tape
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Re: G5 - GPS issues after oreo update

No, I didn't get any update files on the air after the oreo update !

Broadband 3G
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Re: G5 - GPS issues after oreo update

It's quite common after an Android update for some functions to fail.This can be caused by dirty/old data left in a hidden area of the phone called the,"Cache Partition".This is a temporary data section so cleaning/wiping it will NOT delete any crucial data,

Use the 2nd section of this page,Clear the Phone’s Cache Partition:

If you are new to this part of the phone take your time and do this and ONLY this in this area.Be careful in there!

If this doesn't cure it make sure you fully backup the phone to the Cloud/Google drive or better still
another device like a PC/Laptop/Tablet and do a,"Factory Reset/Restore".


This should not remove the updated O/S as that has been,"Pached" but will install it fresh.

Note:I have all my phone stuff backed up on my Laptop and PC and do a,"Factory Restore" on all my phones
at least once a year even if they are running good.This clears all the junk out and keeps them speedy and problem free.

It's bit like a 10,000 mile car service but for my phones.


HTH Smiley Happy

Senior MotoAgent
Senior MotoAgent
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Re: G5 - GPS issues after oreo update

Dear all,


Thank you for posting here, appreciate your feedback. Let me help you with this; Just to inform you— sometimes, your device may end up showing inaccurate location or the GPS may not work because it is stuck on one of the GPS satellites even though that particular satellite is not within range. This causes the GPS of your device to show incorrect information.


Just to narrow down we would need a few additional information from you and would request you to perform a few steps to see if there are any progress.


Information need:


  • Request you all to please update your profile with the IMEI number of your phone? Is it okay if we look into your apps to determine what is causing the issue? This will help us investigate. Make sure that your Motorola Privacy is enabled.

    If you need a reference in updating your profile, please click this link.
  • Please share us a few Screenshots or a video showing what you see— we would like to take a look.
  • Does it work intermittently or does not work at all after the first luck for few users?

Steps to try:


  • Suggest you - please locate 'Moto Help' app on your device > Hardware test > GPS and run a test outdoor. Please share us the screenshot of what you see?
  • Can we test in Safe Mode to see if this is an app issue? To go into Safe Mode, press the physical power key, then press and hold the pop-up "Power off" key until the Safe Mode instructions pop up. Let us know if that helps to improve?
  • We can also perform Factory Data Reset without restoring any apps to start the device fresh after the update. This helps on removing any old data or files that sometimes interrupts. I always do it to keep it fresh. 



Moto Support


Paper Tape
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Re: G5 - GPS issues after oreo update

Hello sir,


Thanks for the reply.

I added the IMEI number to my profile, so you can check.


I added 3 pictures.
The first is a screen of my GPS-app. It shows the message "waiting for GPS".


The other 2 screenshot were made after using the Moto Help App.
The first in regular mode, the second with the phone in safe mode.


The app found no signals "Status GPS - there might be a problem ...." .



Blue Screen Again
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Re: G5 - GPS issues after oreo update



Here the same problem: Moto G5 is not finding any satellites. Localization is based on the network, so it's inaccurate and very slow to update. Navigation is therefore not working anymore, because the location is accurate to a huge circle (see screenshot). It's a bit of a pain, because I use navigation quite a lot.


I enabled Motorola privacy and added IMEI to profile. Software channel is reteu, motorola model is G5 XT1676, build nr OPP28.85-13, Android version 8.1.0.


I performed 2 tests, normal and in safe mode. I used the motorola test app and also 3rd party app GPS Status from play store. Both find zero satellites. All issues started right after update. Other functions seem to be working fine.




Paper Tape
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Re: G5 - GPS issues after oreo update

Had the same problem (see above) but but found following work-around for  my (and hopefully) your problem:

1. Starting Google maps

(location icon pops up but no gps reception)

2. Switching location icon off and on again.


Voila: gps reception is working !

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