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Paper Tape
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Re: network issue while call

Any updates on this? I purchased a Moto g5 plus a month ago and the call quality on it is horrible. Same experiences with low volume and very digitized sound. It seems like people on the other end of the call can hear just fine. This has happened with outgoing calls and incoming calls. In regular mode, speaker phone mode, and hooked to bluetooth in 2 different vehicles.


I found this thread while doing a quick search as I'm about to return this phone for a full refund and purchase something else. I won't wait for a fix but would gladly try one if one exists now (as it should since this was reported 4 months ago?) 


Carrier is Verizon, same as my last 4 phones which all worked fine. This happens even with 4 or 5 bars of reception.

Paper Tape
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Re: network issue while call

i purchased 2 moto G5 pluses and the call quality is horrible on both. we are using Verizon network. we have disabled HD voice calling and enhanced lte services on the phones to make them usable. this is un-acceptible. one g5 replaced a g4 on the same network that didnt have any issues, and the second g5 replaced a samsung on the same network that had no prievious issues either. will motorola fix this ever? i paid good cash for 2 of these phones and expect them to atleast work as well as my old phones that had no issue what so ever with enhanced lte services enabled on my verizon accounts. please help motorola!

Paper Tape
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Re: network issue while call

If I stop the cellular data than the distorted hearing stops and if it's on than it starts to distorted again.

Plz do something about it.


Paper Tape
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Re: network issue while call

Hi, I am also encountering this issue. Just bought the phone on labor day. I see that you have been looking into this issue earlier this year but no solution. Is there a solution as of today? There is also a weird issue with Instagram but that's for another discussion thread...


I need my phone calls to be good because sometimes I require using this cell phone for important calls. When I disable the Enhanced 4G LTE, it makes it difficult to hear words pronunciation and the call is much quieter even at max volume. Any update? If not, I will probably return the phone. Thanks!

Blue Screen Again
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Re: network issue while call

I am also facing this issue with Moto G5 Plus only. Using Vodafone India and Idea network with regular calling system. The same sim works absolutely fine with Alcatel and Lenovo phones.... After talking for couple of minutes I am having sever headache. Please help. 

What's DOS?
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Re: network issue while call

I got the phone about 2 months ago. I'm on T-Mobile and the voice quality has been on a steady downhill slide. Lately, based on feedback from those I'm on a call with, both ends seem to cut in and out. Today, my phone was nearly useless for most calls. A restart 'somewhat' fixed it but it still wasn't great. Bluetooth seems to aggravate the problem. 

Sad to say that I'm thinking of returning it. After all, if a phone can't support phone calls, it is hardly worth keeping. 


Serial Port
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Call quality issue

I have this issue on all of my phone's carriers (I've used Airtel, BSNL and Jio(VoLTE) ) for more than 5 months now. 

Almost everytime, my call recipients complain about breaking voice/poor choice quality.


I think this has to be a issue with phone's noise cancellation mic (either HW or SW issue). This issue has been there ever since I bought the phone, it persists even after the software patch that was released in May to Indian variants.(March in Brazil).


I hope Motorola fixes this issues asap because this a issue with one of the most basic task we do on our phones-calling.

Paper Tape
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Re: network issue while call

Let me add my voice to the many who are complaining about the sound quality on calls. 

Voices are very fuzzy and difficult to hear clearly. Thas been the case since I bought the phone around 3-4 months ago. 

1. Do you have Advance calling enabled when the issue happened?

I don't have the Enhanced 4G LTE Mode option on my phone, so this is neither abled or disabled. 


2. Does this happen all the time? What location/s?


The sound quality is always poor. Time and location make zero difference. 


3. Does this happen on both incoming and outgoing calls?



 4. Does turning off Advance calling help?

I don't have an advanced calling setting. 

Further information: I'm based in Australia using the Telstra network through Southern Phone. I transfered the SIM from my old Samsung Galaxy Express, which uses the same network and has very clear sound, despite being a cheaper phone. 

As I use this phone for work and taking client briefs, it's kind of important that the sound quality is decent. 

And while I'm here - when can we expect the dual SIM feature to work on the Moto G5 in Australia? I was advised some time ago an update would be released to allow this model to function using both 3G & 4G enabled SIM cards since the 2G network has been discontinued. 

Blue Screen Again
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Re: network issue while call

am having the same issue while making calls. People on the other end of the call have problem understading what i say and the sound is too low..
Paper Tape
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Re: network issue while call

Same problem here. Bought thé phone one month ago. I am using thé phone for my work buth it is almost unpossible to have a desent conversation. Putting mobile data off when calling aint an option. Always using thé Proximus network. Hoping it Will ben fixt soon, Else I am obliged to return thé phone....

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