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G5 Plus hotspot malfunctions

This device has always had this kind of problem more or less since the beginning: the wifi hotspot seems to have his down moments. It's always been like this, after february's update I seemed to notice an improvemente but it probably was just my impression cause it soon went back to the same issue.


it may work for a long while, and then suddenly the wi-fi field seems to disappear, so the other devices (I tested a couple of mobile phones and a couple of wifi routers which also work as clients) will either stop seeing the wi-fi network or will keep being connected withouth the mobile data sharing effectiverly working , often the whole wi-fi network itself will stop working (an app called kdeconnect that shares data between my mobile and my pc - tested to work even without connection - won't let the two devices communicate). While this kind of malfunction happen, both the hotspot and mobile data indicators on G5 plus stay active AND I can still browse website with its browser, so the connection is active!


When it happens, to make it work again I may have to turn on and off hotspot, or mobile data or aeroplane mode, often more than once.


keeping the device awake (using an app like wakelock) seems to decrease the chance of incurring in this malfunction


I'm using 2,4 ghz network, tried 5 ghz network but not one device seems to be able to detect such a wifi network, even a quite modern mobile phone. tried resetting networking settings without any result


will post debug log in the next days: any advice?





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