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Re: Internal Storage full

Hi, I'm having the same issue. I set up my 126gb SanDisk card to be used as internal storage because when I previously had it set up as removable storage hardly anything would move over to it. It was ok until most of the 16gb built in storage was used up and now it tells me that storage is too full if I try to take pictures, access my voice mail, add a new app, take a screen shot, et Al. Or even if I run a program that needs lots of memory the phone freezes up or gives the message not enough storage.
When I check my storage, if it lets me and doesn't give me the processing donut of no return, it tells me I've only used 20.73 of 142 Gb. 15.45 of phone storage, and 5.28 of the 126gb Sandisc card.
It basically makes my phone unusable. I can sometimes get rid of cache and junk files and get it to work for a few days but then it's back to the same old game. Why won't it use the extra storage as either removable or shared storage. I've even factory reset the phone, reformatted the other card, used a different brand of card, used a new card.
It getting very frustrating spending so much time trying to get my phone to function and be usable, missing messages from clients because my phone doesn't have enough storage to download them, missing jobs because of missed messages, etc.
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