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Lock landscape mode

2017-10-29, 21:41 PM

It is a well known option in android to lock the screen rotation in portrait mode. But what I am missing is support ot lock the screen rotation in landscape mode. Not all apps support landscape mode, but it could atleast force apps which do assume landscape mode to stay in it.


This is more or less an issue in android, not in moto devices. However Motorola does have the option to add such a feature to their devices through their moto app. I realise this isn't an easy patch, but it's worth suggesting the possibility anyway. I think many users would enjoy such a feature if it were possible.


One complication with locking in landscape mode is the question, to which side mus the screen lock? The landscape mode, unlike the portrait mode, has two orientations. My suggested solutoin to this issue would be to still use the sensors, to rotate the screen orientation to the side most approximate to the actual orientation of the phone. Still autmotaticly switching the orientation if the device is held differently, but skipping portrait mode if the user decides to lock in landscape mode.


A second complication, as extention to the first one, would be the case when the user wishes to lock the screen while the device is laying flat, or while holding the device in a flat orientation. To negate this issue, I suggest either to offer the user an option to lock landscape mode to one side only, or to still use the sensors, and assume a random side, untill the user clearly tilts the device (by a significant margin) to the opposite side.


I hope Motorola can appriciate this suggestion, even if it is not feasable. I totally understand this isn't easy due to pattents and technical complications, but I hope this post can spark someones imagination.

Moto G7 Plus
Build number PPW29.98-66
Model number: XT1965-3
hardware version: pvt
Software channel retail Europe (reteu)

Build number NPNS25.137-33-11
reteu kernel 3.18.31

I do not agree with the terms and conditions to join the Motorola Feedback Network, because my privacy is not protected sufficiently, so I will not sign up for it. I am willing to provide certain information about bugs or feedbacks, as long as I stay in control what information is collected, for what purposes it is used and how long it is stored.

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Re: Lock landscape mode

2017-10-30, 21:41 PM

Hi Monsterola, 


Thanks for these suggestions, we'll pass this along. 




Moto Support 


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Re: Lock landscape mode

2018-09-05, 16:25 PM

I thought this is a very common feature. I am surprised to know that it is not! I really need this picture on my phone. My previous phone had it and I am really disappointed now. This is required when I watch videos lying down on the bed looking sideways. I do this a lot. In this position, to view videos in full screen, the phone needs to be vertical and locked in landscape mode. I hope you can do something about this quickly.

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