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Moto G5 Camera Error - Please Restart Camera


I own a Moto G5 (EU model 16GB/3GB, Dual SIM) with Android 8.1.0, Security patch level: February 1, 2019 since 2018 October  and since a couple of weeks ago I have an issue with the camera and the error message I receive is: Camera Error - Please Restart Camera.

I've tried the following, in this order:

- clearing cache and data

- unistall/reinstall the app

- several restarts of the device

- I have no Google Lens option activated

- extracting SD card, reformatting it as internal memory

- yesterday last try was a factory reset that resulted in a more sluggish functioning of the phone (as a bonus) and the camera error reappearing and when it doesn' reapper then the app itself is extremly slow as far as responsivness goes, for example in perfect lighting conditions it takes 5-10 seconds to take a picture (in automatic mode) and as soon as I switch to manual mode, it takes photos almost instantly. (this is mostly present snce the upgrade from Android 7 to 8.1.0)


Pleae advise on this really frustrating issue as the phone becomes almost unusable and unfortunately I cannot return it to the seller company. Oh, and also the charger broke after only one month and the guys from the seller company said that thy can only reapir/fix the problem if I send the carger WITH the phone, that is a fantastic ideea, losing both my numbers, work and personal, for a couple of weeks.






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