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Re: Moto G5 Plus Opinions



The good news is that I have laboratory grade equipment at my disposal with which to take measurements. The bad news is that the science teacher and I are clueless as to the methodology which we should use to make those measurements.


Using an induced VOIP dialtone from a SIP connection with the phone system at school, we can get a reference tone. We can tell you that the Moto G5 plus is softer as well as more equalized toward the mid range than a couple of other smart phones including the G3. It is significantly lower in volume than the Grandstream VOIP landline phone sitting on my desk. With no methodology were we able to achieve anywhere close to the 85 dB limit found in Europe without turning it to full speaker and placing the measuring microphone against the speaker--didn't quite get it then. None of the arrangements we tested (with the exception of the speakerphone speaker on the Grandstream) were in the arena of causing hearing damage no matter what the placement of the phone or microphone.


Unfortunately, without knowing the proper way this type of measurement should be made, the numbers we are coming up with are basically meaningless other than terms of basic hearing conservation and safety...

Blue Screen Again
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Re: Moto G5 Plus Opinions

Hi Mobily,
I come off a Oneplus X which was about the same price 1 1/2 years ago - an I miss it so much compared to the 5 Plus. On the plus side I really like the fingerprint sensor and the added motorola functionality coming with it. Last positive aspect for travelers: 2 Sims PLUS memory chip. Power / endurance is brilliant (1 1/2 - 2 days!) and charging is very quick. It doesn't get warmer than other cells I've owned. Screen performance can be changed to your liking... sort of since there are only two settings. Max audio volume can also be "unleashed" via settings.
Down sides for me: I miss the notification light! Design comparison to the a.m. cell? It's like holding an iron to your head. I'm still of the opinion that my old camera was at least as good. Missing compass? When using a navigation app, your display will always stay "North up". WiFi reception is in comparison fidgety. One more thing: Update policy! Security level from January??? Not good.
All in all I regret paying for the "Plus" features.
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Re: Moto G5 Plus Opinions

The screen is dull... They could have made it better...
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Re: Moto G5 Plus Opinions

Steve, as a quick update, I went back to Best Buy where I purchased the phone and had the technician look at it (rather, listen to it). According to him, the call quality on Cricket was not good, but he could not quite figure out why. He indicated that in order to install the SIM card, he had to cut down the card using a small machine to make it fit. The technician suggested that I try a different SIM card.


I went to Cricket (company owned store), and they listened to it. She did not like what she heard, so she installed a new "nano" SIM card, cleared the cache partition and did something else. The in-call volume did not perceptively go up, but the sound clarity of the call quality improved dramatically.


At this point, the earpiece on the telephone has become usable in quiet to normal room when the call volume is all the way to the max. She did indicate that the call volume was lower than they would like it. But, she pointed out that  "We have standards on what we choose to carry," and that I did not buy the phone from them. She indicated that Motorola/Lenovo has had a good record as a partner for Cricket, and suggested that I contact the manufacturer who may fix it in an update.


If I could not get the call quality to the point I could understand what the person on the other side was saying, it was getting to the point I was ready to give the phone to my son, and I was going to have to buy another phone that I could use to talk on. But, it looks like my son may have to wait before I give up this one...


I really do like this phone, and I am hoping that an update will add the 10-15% earpiece volume and/or equalization that will make it from "very good" to an "excellent" communcations device!

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