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What's DOS?
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Re: Moto G5 Plus not charging & reverse charging after Oreo 8.1 Update

This is 100% a software issue.

Paper Tape
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Re: Moto G5 Plus not charging & reverse charging after Oreo 8.1 Update

Any resolve to this issue? My son's phone is doing this after the OTA update. The phone's estimate was 3 days to full charge, and I think even that was optomistic. This update has essentially bricked the phone, as it can't be used with only 10% battery life. I thought that Moto was the way to go and was going to start updating my fleet of HTC's, but after this happened, I'll be finding a different manufacturer.

Paper Tape
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Re: Moto G5 Plus not charging & reverse charging after Oreo 8.1 Update

Updating: It turned out to be (in part) my USB connector at the bottom of the phone. The new motorola's software may be checking how well the phone is charging (by checking the amps or the voltage, i.e.) and not accepting small values.
I suspecated it could be my charging port after I left my phone for 3 weeks in a drawer wainting for a official RETUS stock rom (different of my AMZ) to be released so I could try to flash it and see if it works. But when put the phone in fastboot mode, it started to blink the word "charging" as if the cable was been pluged in and removed very quickly. As it was not doing it in fastboot before, I send it to the repair. It turend out my charging port was a little oxidated and the replace was need. Notice that the charging port was working fine for data transfer. I had also flashed again the stock ROM via Lenovo Moto Smart Assitant (LMSA) (if you have Windows OS you should try it before paying for any repair).
I've been to the repair store 3 times one to check it, second to delivery it and finally to get my phone fixed back. In all three times there was people deliviring Moto G5 / Plus / S repporting charging problems. It seens that after google sold motorola again it came back to the same old motorola... It was my fourth motorola's phone. I had the motorola spice xt300, the Atrix 4G, Moto G 2013 first gen and now the G5 Plus. This Amazon G5 Plus was a fiasco! I was the second time I had to repair it (first time was the chip and sd card reader broken). I couldn't had the bootloader unlocked to downgrade or to install another rom because AMZ phones aren't elected for unlock... a complete mess... I don't recomend it any more and won't buy any motorola's phone any time soon.
hope you guys have better luck

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