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What's DOS?
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Re: Moto G5 plus not connecting to network

Within 2 year of purchasing my Moto g5 plus, Afte updating to the latest update I am getting network problem. There is no network.

I have checked my phone with 3 different sim cards but the problem is as it is.

It is working properly on WiFi network.

But sim card is not detected. Error while manual searching of network.

Please provide me a proper solution.

Paper Tape
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Re: Moto G5 plus not connecting to network

I did this - got a new sim card, and it was fine for started giving me "You're not connected...can't make a call" message. Also have persistent problem trying to connect to community wifis, getting stopped by connectivitycheck.gstatic program. VERY frustrating.

What's DOS?
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Re: Moto G5 plus not connecting to network

As posted in the first thread this issue is NOT solved by getting a new sim card but rather is a expensive work arround for not fixing a problem.

Let me explain what is really happening. I have a 5 user plan on Cricket wireless for members of my family. Three of my phones are Motorolla G5 Plus phones. Aside from some minor glitches they have been good phones. About 6-8 months ago is when we first started noticing the problem. It started with some cell towers not working at all. Then eventualy a few days later no service on the G5 Plus phones. To have all phones fail at once leads strongly that the problem is not hardware failure. Removing the sim card and placing it in a non-g5 worked fine and all towers located. Putting the same sim back in the g5 Plus and no service found. Tried a network update and strangly the network settings were NOT updated (first clue) by the g5. Went and bought 3 new sim cards at $14.99 each. All phones start working again finding the towers. However over the last 4 months the phones has stopped picking up some towers we should be able to get again and service is degrading.

Explination on what is happening. Based on the evidence I suspect Leveno at some point released a update that "broke" the G5 ability to update network information (needed cell tower communication stats). You see when you get a sim card from your provider it comes with the current network settings. But tower information changes over time and the older your sim card the less valid it's network information becomes. Cell phones account for this by downloading current network information when the phone boots up and updating information. However the G5 appears to be broken and unable to update this network information. Again I suspect a update broke this and not hardware or not all 3 of my phones would of failed? Looking on google TONs of Moto g5s on ALL carriers are having this EXACT same problem of not updating carrier info.

Leveno's answer is it's just a bad sim card jso you can keep buying replacements forever. But the sim card is fine and works in other phones that have a working network update. The new card will have the latest network settings. But your service will degrade over time as the G5 will fails to download newer network settings.

That leads us witht he question what can we do? If Leveno was going to fix this problem I would love to hang onto my g5s as they are good phones. However all I get back is it's a bad sim card buy buy buy. Another worry is Leveno has not released fixes for the g5 in a long time. That worries me if they are commited to fix this. Otherwise after the patch break we are doomed to throwing good money after bad while watching service decline.

Can any mods here fine out if this will be fixed. Otherwise eventually the ENTIRE userbase of g5 users will have to replace their broke phones or pay endlessly for renewed subpar service. Smiley Sad

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