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Re: Moto G5 speaker audio not working after unplugging headphones

Hi, I ran into this issue just today. This probably isn't what caused it for you, but I got the issue after running through the rain with headphones on. After I was done, I found that I had this issue, and only restarting the phone would fix it. After unplugging headphones, no sound would play at all, and the "OK google" shortcut wouldn't work (no sound being picked up by the phone either). Again, this only happened after I had been out in the rain for some time.


I wasn't about to pry the back of this phone off (all the instructions didn't seem to make sense/match the exact build of my phone), so what I tried instead was to use some compressed air, usually used to clean dust off of computers, and pointed it right into my headphone jack with the air nozzle. A bit of mist flew out of the jack and my speakers started working again!


So just in case you ran into this problem and were somewhere wet recently, a small bit of moisture in the headphone jack might be causing the issue. Hope that helps some people!

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Re: Moto G5 speaker audio not working after unplugging headphones

I have brought my phone to the repair shop mid-January, tried to explain the problem (for recreating it) as best as possible, but I believe the technician just put in a new speaker (as is default for this repair shop with audio problems) and sent it back. I added the apps incrementally, day by day, to see if a certain app caused issues. So far so good. 


So I just think it's cheap hardware, and you might want to get the speaker replaced if this is a recurring issue.

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Re: Moto G5 speaker audio not working after unplugging headphones

That sounds a very plausible explanation. The risk of blowing air into the headphone socket is that there is a chance of driving the moisture further into the phone, it may be better to let it dry out naturally.  But anyway a great bit of blu sky thinking. 

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What's DOS?
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Re: Moto G5 speaker audio not working after unplugging headphones

@gzjarvis wrote:

I tried all the things mentioned & they did not work.

I found a thread on the same problem on a different website & the solution worked for me.

You need to take the back off the phone & twist the top half of the phone slightly one way, if you do this with music playing & start to hear the music you know that it has worked.

After trying the air hose into the headphone speaker, i took off the back of the phone, gave it a little twist, and hey presto, I got the speaker working. I wish I knew what mechanism requires twisting a delicate piece of hi tech, but it works, so many thanks for your answer

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