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Fanfold Paper
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Moto g5 Factory Reset - problem with Contacts

I have a Moto G5 running Android 8.1.0 which I have recently passed on to my wife. In order for her to have a 'clean' phone with no connection to my Google account, I performed a Factory Reset (as shown at I actually did the External Reset as described, not the Factory Data Reset from Settings because this bit is obviously out of date! There is no "Backup& Reset" in the Settings, so no way, apparently, to choose "Factory Data Reset". However, althogh irritating, this is not my main problem.


The reset worked fine, and the phone is now set up and linked to my wife's Google account, with her Contacts all present and correct.


The problem occurs when pairing the phone to her car (Seat Ibiza) - pairing appears to work correctly, but the contacts shown after pairing are NOT the contacts shown on the Moto G5 (from my wife's Google account). In fact, the contacts shown in the car are MY OLD contacts, from when I used the phone before. So, somehow, the Factory Reset has NOT deleted my old contacts - they remain 'hidden' somewhere inside the phone and are picked up when pairing the phone to her car.


To prove this, I then paired her old phone (Moto e) to the car and, sure enough, the contacts shown in the car correctly show as those on the Moto e (from her Google account). Pairing the Moto G5 back to the car showed the same old contacts from my Google account!!


Has anybody any ideas?



Senior MotoAgent
Senior MotoAgent
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Re: Moto g5 Factory Reset - problem with Contacts

Hi mikeineasenhall,


Please unpair all the device connected to your Car >> Reset the system on your Car >> Reboot your phone >> Try to connect again and let us know how it goes?




Motorola Support

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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Moto g5 Factory Reset - problem with Contacts

Hi Swaraj


Thanks for your reply.


Firstly, I did what you suggested but unfortunately it didn't solve the problem.


I then tried pairing my Moto G6 to my wife's Seat and everything worked fine! 321 contacts were imported successfully.


So, tried the Moto G5 again (which has 301 contacts) and only 89 contacts were imported to the car!


And, most importantly, the 89 contacts imported are exactly the 89 contacts that used to be on my wife's old phone (Moto e).


I am now strongly suspecting that the SIM card that was originally in the Moto e, which was moved to the Moto G5, has 89 contacts stored on it. Which also means that the car is looking for SIM contacts first and, if it finds any, will import these and ignore the Google contacts. I guess the SIM card in my Moto G6 has no contacts stored so the import works ok.


Do you think this could be the answer?


If so, it would make sense to delete the contacts from the SIM in the Moto G5 - except I haven't a clue how to do this! Do you know how? Or perhaps we ask Virgin for a replacement SIM card and the problem will go away?


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