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Paper Tape
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MotoG5 Plus and Bluetooth connectivity problem

I have a 2017 Ford Transit with the basic Sync system. I have a recently purchased Motog5 which I cannot get to connect with the Ford's system. The vehicle can detect the Motog5 and puts up a pin number but the Motog5 can't detect the Ford. The phone syncs with the radios in other vehicles perfectly. It appears to be a Ford thing. Any ideas?

Fanfold Paper
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Re: MotoG5 Plus and Bluetooth connectivity problem

I do not have an answer for you except for the obvious power off the phone, etc. but have had nothing but problems with 2 different Moto phones in my 2016 Nissan Rogue.
I can initially get the phones to connect but after a few weeks of working properly, the audio from phone calls stops coming out of the car's speakers. It sometimes helps to unpair the phone and then redo the pair process but that is a pain.
Initially, I took the car back in to Nissan thinking it was a problem with the radio. They changed out the radio and the same thing happened. Strangely, one of the Nissan techs had an iphone and when he tested the connection, it worked perfectly. The other tech had a Motorola phone and he was having similar problems as I was having. So, this sounds like a phone issue to me.
This has happende twice now with two completely different models of Moto phones.
The first was Moto G 3d gen and the newer one is a Moto G5 Plus.
Come on Lenovo, get it together!


Paper Tape
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Re: MotoG5 Plus and Bluetooth connectivity problem

I have a Moto C Plus which is now beginning to get on my nerves. I have connected to my Nissan qashqai tekna models 2015 and now 2018 without any problems, but on both models after a week or two it disconnects from  the system.  You only find out whilst driving and want to receive a call.


Does anyone know if this can be resolved or should i ditch the phone and chage back to Huawei?

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