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Fanfold Paper
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Re: Night Display in Moto g5 plus

Same question I have. In moto g5s plus night display option is there under moto display but not in moto g5 plus. Why Motorola? Please bring this feature to moto g5 plus also.
Senior MotoAgent
Senior MotoAgent
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Re: No Night display provided in moto g5 plus

We're always looking for opportunities to improve our products. Thank you for your feedback. We'll forward it to our product team.


Motorola Support

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Paper Tape
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Re: No Night display provided in moto g5 plus

1. No Night display

2 Not showing my name or how to change my name in moto app

Punch Card
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Moto G5 Plus - 'Night Light' option missing from settings

Can Moto g5 & g5plus get night light ?  

No night light/night display options available in any g5/g5plus devices .


Moved to the right community -Daisy


Paper Tape
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Re: No Night display provided in moto g5 plus

Could you let us know the response from the product team? The upgrade to Oreo means existing 3rd party apps don't dim the menu and notifications bar anymore - rendering them basically useless as it's a blinding increase in light everytime I pull down the notifications bar...


This is already in for G5s plus, could we please have it for G5 plus too ASAP?

Paper Tape
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Re: No Night display provided in moto g5 plus

Same issue here, just got the reteu Oreo 8.1 update today but no Night Display either. Night mode enabler does not work either (UI tuner enabled). I don't the understand Motorola's logic here (it's probably a Oreo 8.1 update thing because on the Moto X4 with Oreo 8.0, Night Display is perfectly working). I've read that the pro-line (Z) has a similar issue. 


Motorola, please, fix this asap and let's hope we don't have to wait a year like we did with Oreo. Meanwhile,  I'm looking at Nokia phones, they have some very nice stock Android models as well... and they DO update their software on a regular basis (and yes, they include Night Display). It can't be that difficult.



What's DOS?
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Re: No Night display provided in moto g5 plus

Please Moto/Lenovo, fix this... 

Fanfold Paper
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Re: No Night display provided in moto g5 plus

I am also missing night mode after the 8.1 update, This is a serious health issue for me as the blue light worsens macular degeneration

& cataracts & on a lessor not ruins the brains circadian rhythm. please fix this issue ASAP in a future update. I called Moto support and was told to contact Google support Google support said it was a Moto issue and had to be addressed by them. Thanks!

Paper Tape
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Re: No Night display provided in moto g5 plus

Yep I too am bothered that this option was removed. Just doesn't make any logical sense to remove it. Especially since it's impactful on health. Hopefully someone over there at Moto listened for once and responses sooner rather than later. Fingers crossed

Fanfold Paper
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Re: How to enable night mode whenever we need

I can't enable dark mode either. MOTOROLA! give a straight answer. Oreo is supposed to have DARK MODE. Where is it? It is not in display settings and not in MOTO app settings and enabling UI does nothing either.

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