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Re: No Signal Bars on Moto G5 Plus

I have the same exact thing on my Mto G5 plus. 

> Network showing triangle. (no connection to Verizon).

> When I try to make a phone call; asks to turn off airplane mode. But it is already turned off. 

> network resets and factory resets with and without safety mode did NOT do anything.

> Did not find an option to to turn off wifi calling on this phone.


I hope by now, this issue is well known and there is a fix for it.


Moto advisor, please advise!

Paper Tape
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Re: No Signal Bars on Moto G5 Plus

I have the exact same problem. I have tried all of the resets, and have tried different SIM cards, but nothing works. My SIM cards work in other phones. Given the cost of repairing a phone out of warranty, I think I'll have to go buy a new phone -- but not a Motorola!

What's DOS?
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Re: No Signal Bars on Moto G5 Plus

I am also facing same issue.. Network setting rest,SIM change and Factory rest not helped still problem remains same. I have seen some you tube videos for this resolution and tried disabling CQATest and fast reboot nothing helped.

Any idea is it hardware issue or software issue.. 

Will Visiting service center  help  for resolving this.

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