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Vacuum Tubes
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Re: [OFFICIAL] Android 8(Oreo) Update CONFIRMED!

US updated but on "cc" channel (not sure what it is), but anybody updated on "retus" (guess it's the majority of us in US)?


@RShattler wrote:
Bought it from Consumer Cellular.


What's DOS?
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Re: [OFFICIAL] Android 8(Oreo) Update CONFIRMED!

Has anyone on T-Mobile from the US received Oreo?


I bought the unlocked version of the G5 plus from Walmart, and haven't received the update...


Thanks in advance.


Paper Tape
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Re: [OFFICIAL] Android 8(Oreo) Update CONFIRMED!

You needed a SIM card. Earlier did not need. Haven't had for about 6mnths as using another brand.
Paper Tape
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Re: [OFFICIAL] Android 8(Oreo) Update CONFIRMED!

I just received the update!! Channel Reteu, from Spain.


I almost buy a Nokia phone waiting for it :trollface:

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Re: [OFFICIAL] Android 8(Oreo) Update CONFIRMED!

cc stands for Consumer Cellular.
Paper Tape
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Re: [OFFICIAL] Android 8(Oreo) Update CONFIRMED!

I bought my Moto G5 Plus in March of 2018. My wife and I both got one. We got a good deal directly from Motorola. I knew I was buying a 1 year old phone, but thought it would be updated to Android Oreo within a few months at the most. Here we are in November of 2018 and I am still waiting for the update. I see people all over the world and a few people in North America getting it, but not the Retus channel. I wish their was more transparency on what is going on with the updates. The particulars of my phone are listed below.


My Phone:

Model: Moto G5 Plus Unlocked

Sku: XT1687


Channel: Retus

Location: Southern United States

Carrier: Straight Talk with AT&T Sim

Purchased: Directly from Motorola

Fanfold Paper
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Re: [OFFICIAL] Android 8(Oreo) Update CONFIRMED!

I'm in the same boat in the NE US with a 4G / 64G Retus XT1687 on Straight Talk (AT&T). Still waiting for Oreo...


Heck, I only just got the August security update three days ago. Oh well...

Punch Card
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Re: [OFFICIAL] Android 8(Oreo) Update CONFIRMED!

Just received the update for Oreo and now downloading it. I'm in Germany.

Punch Card
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Re: [OFFICIAL] Android 8(Oreo) Update CONFIRMED!

Well, well... Got the notification of the 8.1 update as well, along with the August security update. Let's how this goes.

Paper Tape
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How to get the Moto G5 Plus Oreo update ... ?

I have a Moto G5 Plus that I purchased on Amazon.  I use the phone on Verizon.   My understanding is that the Oreo 8.1 update has been released and is available for this phone.  However, to this day my phone is still on Android 7.0 and whenever I check for updates it says the software is up to date.  I called Verizon and they said that since I bought it on Amazon, they do not have any record of a G5 update and cannot tell me anything.  They told me it is the manufacturer that has to push the update.  Motorola Support told me that it is the "partner's" (Verizon's?) responsibility.  


When I go to  About Phone and select System Updates, where does that check for updates?  With Motorola? Or with Verizon?  


I found a Motorola Support Note that mentioned selecting the download option on the System Updates screen and getting the update manually, but I do not have a download option.


Is there a way to manually download and install the Oreo update on my phone?

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