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Punch Card
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Re: Please give Moto G5 Plus owners an option to opt out of Oreo update

Wait, this caught my eye:


"HE also confirmed that eventually the OS "upgrade" would happen automatically -- which is exactly what happened to my Samsung $800+ flagship phone which bricked it out of warranty."


When would this happen? Automatcially, at any time?  Without even being notified first?? If so that is competely ridiculous, since I would at least want to take the SD card out and clear the cache beforehand which has been recommended to try to avoid problems. 


Not good since I can live with stopping the Moto Update app upon reboot (which I don't do very often) instead of upgrading. 

Punch Card
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Re: Please give Moto G5 Plus owners an option to opt out of Oreo update

@scumbuster wrote:



" can call it nonsense, but its a tried and true concept that still holds true to this day."


"When hardware is designed it is bult around the newest OS available."

Is it? The Snapdragon 625 is a SoC that was released in 2016. It's quite old and has been succeeded by newer versions. However, manufacturers are still using the SoC in their new phones. Phones like the Mi A2 Lite, Moto One, etc. are using this SoC and they were released with Android Oreo, with 2 major OS updates in the pipeline. But like you said, if the SoC is "really old" tech which won't work well with new software, why are manufacturers still using it? If these new Android One phones like Mi A2 Lite and Moto One can run the latest software, why can't the G5 Plus, which has the exact same SoC?


"but i would be interested to see how you tested and benchmarked in order to make the assertion that it runs "better" than the original OS.  UNLESS of course the original OS install and apps had issues to begin with , which taints the comparison."

Well, the update didn't break anything. All the apps I had installed before the update still work fine, never faced any random slowdowns or crashes. Isn't that enough of testing? After all, that's what most would care about.


"Explain to the folks posting with problems how its all in their minds r their own fault somehow, since if YOU have had no issues, SURELY there are no issues out there.   Riiiiiiiiiiiiiight."


Like I said in my previous post, there were a lot of people that faced issues even with Nougat, which was in your words the "original OS" for the device. If the hardware was indeed designed FOR Nougat, why did these people face issues?

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