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Problem with Moto G5 with Dual Sim and sd card



Device : Lenovo Moto G5 2017


When I use dual Sim slots with 2 sim card (my French providers are Orange and SFR), the Moto G5 cannot support the sdcard.

1. SD card with SIM 1 and 2 : only the second SIM is recognized and the SD card works well.

2. one time :  SD card with sim slots 1 and 2 : all worked well during few minutes, and after that, android announced that only one sim card works (slot 2), the sim 1 was desactivated.

2. SD card with only SIM 2 : no problem.

3. inserting SD card with SIM 1 : no problem


What should I do ? any idea? Smiley Happy


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Re: Problem with Moto G5 with Dual Sim and sd card

It should work, 


The G5 support the use of both SIMM slots AND the SD card.

Some cheap phones have a shared slot but not the G5.


if you bought the phone in a local store I would advice let them place the cards and test, when it don't work they have to replace the phone  when in an other phone the problems returns it's a bigger problem....


I know that it here works with in one slot a SIMM for calls and data and the other slot with just calls..   I think you can not use on both datas and voice only one slot can use both.

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