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Request to Motorola Engineers: Please increase G5+ Max App Ram limit from 384MB to 512MB like Google

It seems the Motorola G5 Plus has plenty of RAM but too low a max-application-ram limit.  Google uses 512MB on Nexus-7 and Pixel-2.  Motorola G5 Plus uses 384MB.  The value is seen most easily with the Amazon Kindle app via: info->about->ram.  Why does this matter?  See below.

It turns out that even on a phone, on occasion there is a good reason to run Google Maps in Chrome using desktop view because with a stylus or USB-attached mouse, one can drag the blue routes and they will snap to alternatives as on a desktop which is a great way of exploring driving options.

On phones and tablets I've tried with only 2GB physical ram but max application ram of 512MB (Nexus 7, Huawei Ascend XT2), this works fine.  On Moto G5 Plus, with 4GB physical ram but max app ram 384MB, Chrome fails with "aw, snap" shortly after dragging a route. On devices with 256MB max app ram, Chrome fails with "aw, snap" before even putting up the first route.

If I'm correct that increasing max-app-ram would fix the above, in the next maintenance release it would be fantastic if Motorola increased this value to 512MB.  I don't think we can change it ourselves.  I wrote to Motorola Customer Support and they said, "You may put your comment on our forum so our engineers can hear your feedback", so here it is.

Thank you in advance Motorola engineers for your consideration.

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Senior MotoAgent
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Re: Request to Motorola Engineers: Please increase G5+ Max App Ram limit from 384MB to 512MB like Go

Hi Corey-,


Welcome to Forums,


Thanks for the awesome review, Corey- We work hard to meet expectations like yours, and we’re happy to hear we hit the mark for you. We're always looking to make improvements and your feedback is truly valued. I'll make sure it's passed along to concerned team.


This is to update you that there is a certain range of allowable variation between any Android devices a phone where they could still be within specification. So some differences are expected. If you have compared them under identical conditions then we request you to follow these below checkpoints & let us know.


1. The more apps you can run simultaneously and the less lag you get while using these apps. 


2. Go to Google Play Store and check for each app update.


3. Use Black/Simple wallpaper to decrease the RAM activity in Android. 


4. Do not user Live wallpapers or Bright colorful wallpapers. 


5. Delete Useless Apps to Increase RAM in Android. 


6. Delete Junk Files and Cache to Increase RAM in Android.


7. Use an SD card to install applications.


8. Reboot the device at least once in a day.


Thanks & Regards
Lenovo-Moto Support

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