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What's DOS?
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Re: Save Contacts in Phone Memory on Moto G5 Plus

Same problem here. This is monopoly grab by Google, sad to see the phone companies silently obeying and FORCING customers into using google exclusively for storing contacts : something that was introduced as an extra option a few years ago. Think of the scale here : How many millions of people, Google can grab everybody's data. We know they are using this for profiling us. Google wants to go a step beyond facebook : They're already building personal profile of each person; now they want to know who everyone's contacts are. And in countries like China this data is being handed over to governments, so if there is one dissident the secret police will start monitoring what the people in their contacts are doing. Social policing is already in effect in China : people are being blocked from sending their kids to better schools if their social score dips. Google et al are setting up the same to make it happen to everyone across the world.

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