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Still using my Moto G5 Plus

I'm still using my Moto G5 Plus that I bought in the spring of 2017. Of course, it's running Android 8.1, and the last patch is from Feb 2019.


It still works fine, and is perfectly adequate for my purposes. It's my first and so far only smartphone. I have long used a case and screen protector, and I replaced the latter once after it was scratched.


I'm tentatively planning to upgrade to a Pixel 4a, if one is released in the spring of 2020, a year after the 3a. Pixels provide Android version and monthly patches for 3 years after introduction; no other company does this for Android. I like Motorola's clean version of Android, and Google's is similar. I looked at a Samsung phone, and don't like their user interface. 


I may change my plan if I read about some terrible security problem that requires a patch that Motorola will not provide. Or if the hardware fails.


It's unfortunate that unlike Windows PCs, with Android phones one cannot indefinitely update to the latest OS version and monthly patches. If this were possible, I would have little reason to buy a new phone except for hardware failure. But that's not how Android works, and there is a limit as to how long I want to be using unpatched older Android.


Apple provides OS and security updates to their phones for about 5 years, but I want Android because Google Assistant is much better than Siri. Pixel has the closest thing to Apple's update policies in the Android world.


The next thing down the road after a Pixel 4a would be 5G, if and when it is very common. This probably wouldn't happen before 2023, when software updates on a 2020 issue Pixel 4a would stop, or 2024, to which I could stretch out usage.


When I bought the Moto G5 Plus, it was widely reviewed as best midrange phone, and I am confident I made the right purchase. Now the cheaper Pixels get the best reviews. If that changes by the spring I may adjust my plan.

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