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Submit bug report to Motorola / Lenovo

How do I make Lenovo/Motorola development or support team aware of a bug I have found with synchronizing contacts?


I posted a bug report to the Google Public Issue Tracker, and after looking into it, they said I had to contact the OEM.

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Re: Submit bug report to Motorola / Lenovo

You can just start a thread saying about the issue and provide the bug report's GDrive link.

This is the right place to report. Alternatively, you can also mail to Motorola.

Best Regards, Syed Zeeshan.
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Re: Submit bug report to Motorola / Lenovo

Hi while I am trurning off my Moto G4 Plus I get a prompt of Bug report too. I am generating this bug report and sharing the link to my google drive.  please find the link to my bug report. Kindly resolve it and let me know what is required from my side.

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Re: Submit bug report to Motorola / Lenovo

I have the Motorola Moto G7 unlocked edition from Best Buy and I've noticed a few issues that are annoying including my fingerprint reader all of a sudden stopped working today I've reset my phone and remade my finger prints, the phone randomly shuts down and won't work. 

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