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US Oreo update, no problems

With all the horror stories about the Oreo update, I was hesitant to update mine. But I have a few phone ideas as a replacement if needed (Nokia 6.1 for similar, OnePlus 6T for 'flagship'), so decided to go ahead with it. Took about 20-25 minutes (it finishes the update in the background after rebooting). Then the October update after that. I have seen complaints about the two updates, but that is very normal for software. The MAJOR update is built to a known setup. You then apply updates to that.


Basically, nothing all that drastic has happened. So far, battery life seems similar if not better. LTE works fine. The phone hasn't exploded.


The only issues I have seen are mainly changes in Android itself:

1) The lock/unlock sound seems to now use the regular media volume instead of what I assume was either the ring or alarm volumes. Since I keep that volume lower, I barely hear the lock/unlock sound.

2) The pull-down system menu only has 6 items on-screen instead of 9.

3) It no longer supports having the battery percentage inside the battery icon on the status bar. It is now separate.

4) I had to reset the color mode back to Standard from Vivid.

5) Two Google Maps widgets were renamed to "Maps". I had to recreate them to get them named right.


Still too early to know if there is any change in the WiFi issues.

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