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Why do so called moto reps need personal information ?

2018-05-09, 22:49 PM

All the time people ask very common things they get a goood asnwer form the users.


As soon one of the "moto reps" steps in  they start asking to add all kind of information "to help them analyze the problem"


Can somebody explain why just those people need extra information )for random things) and why regular users just can help without that ?

Like, what is the need to update your IMEI if you have a problem with your SD card ????? 


Harvesting data is what mr FB got in trouble but here the people do exactly the same and a lot of user give the information in the hope for help.....  and they don't get it as long it don't add anything to the problem solving process....


so Please let the real slim shady please stand up  and explain why it's needed to provide that information ???


(I did send this question also to Androidworld to see what's their opinion about this )


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Re: Why do so called moto reps need personal information ?

2018-05-11, 23:53 PM

The MotoAgents are Motorola employees, and if that information is correct in your profile they can check some things out remotely

*the search bar is your friend*
-This is a peer to peer support forum, MOTOXPRTs are volunteers, not Motorola employees
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