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Paper Tape
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Re: WiFi drops and network issue after oreo upgrade

@Agent_Nikh wrote:

@Pro35 wrote:

Sir @Agent_JM, I've filed the bug report as you've said and here is the link for it.


Looks like it's been more than 3 weeks since you've posted this and it's sad to see that there hasn't been any sophisticated solution yet or at least developments of any such solutions either.




The router that I'm using is a Mi 3C router with a Mixed Encryption (WAP/WAP2 both).


I'm using JIO and IDEA Sims and JIO is the primary one with 4G connection. And of course, the workaround of toggling the network to 3G is working.


Hope this info helps.

Please resolve the issue ASAP. 


Thanks and regards,


Hi Pro35,


Thank you for sharing the Bug Report.


Request you to try these below steps & let us know.


1. For Jio users, please move router AP to channel 11 or change it to 5Ghz in your device.


2. For Airtel LTE users, set your network to 3G/2G as long as connected to Wi-Fi(or move to AP 11 or 5Ghz) and monitor for few days.


Thanks & Regards
Lenovo-Moto Support




I did change my router AP Channel to 11 and it seems to work for now. Will post about any discrepancies as and when they arise.


But, is this a solution to the problem? Is it not a workaround?

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Re: WiFi drops and network issue after oreo upgrade



I am using Jio sim as primary and Idea one as secondary. As proposed by you, i changed the router AP to channel 11 and FINALLY the wifi has started working simultaneously with my mobile network  Thanks for a solution.


But a suggestion that please provide a patch to resolve the same as public wifi networks cannot be updated for the settings mentioned by you, so it will be the  same trouble again.


Thanks a lot!! 

Punch Card
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Re: WiFi drops and network issue after oreo upgrade

Channel 11 pertains strictly to 2.4 Ghz.  What about 5 Ghz?

Senior MotoAgent
Senior MotoAgent
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Re: WiFi drops and network issue after oreo upgrade

What's DOS?
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Wifi Disconect g5s plus isuew

Give me major update, there is a issue in wifi network, connect disconect in Oreo 8.1. I believe in lenovo

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