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For All Languages - Language and Input missing Dictionaries

Hi. I own an Moto G4 Plus, and now also a G5S Plus. 


G4 Plus has Android 7.0 and G5S Plus Android 7.1


Both phones behave the same way and have the same settings. But, in Languages and Input this is different:


In the G4 I have English (United States) as primary Language and Spanish(Argentina) as secondary.


When I click "Personal Dictionary" it shows a list of three dictionaries:


-For All Languages

-English (United States)

-Spanish (Argentina)


I can click any of them, and then Add words for any of the Dictionaries and they are reflected on the GBoard keyboard.


In the G5S Plus, I click and it takes me directly to the English (United States) list of words. No choice of dictionaries.


BUT I have found out that if I make Spanish (Argentina) the main language for the phone (and the UI changes to Spanish) I get all three dictionaries.


I want to have all three dictionaries (as in the G4) but the UI in English (United States).


Is it a bug introduced in 7.1?





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