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Blue Screen Again
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MOTO G5S plus charging problem

I bought Moto G5S plus in Jan2018. I don't know where the problem is, if I connect my device to the charger instead of an increase in power level it's starting to decrease. I am unable to find the solution, please help me 

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Re: MOTO G5S plus charging problem

Hi ksjpk


That's odd but let me help. Was it since you got the device? Have you tried using a different charger to see if the issue persists? 


Please try charging your phone while in safe mode. You may also try calibrating the battery and see if there would be any difference. To calibrate the battery, press and hold the Power button until the screen goes dark, about 7-10 seconds. When the screen goes dark, release the Power button and the phone will automatically reboot. Plug the phone in and let it charge overnight, using only the charger that came in the box with the phone. Observe the battery performance within 24 hours.


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Re: MOTO G5S plus charging problem

Apparently this problem has been fixed just calibrating the battery several times before charging, as simply and clearly explained by Moto_Ella.
The last successful try happened as soon as the power level showed 15% when I started to charge the phone.
Now even the remaing time for charging is available again and obviously the power level increases regularly until 100%.
I tested the same Motorola turbocharger on a G4 and it works properly even with that device.
If anything will change about battery performances, I'll provide new info.
Meanwhile, many thanks to Moto_Ella.

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