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Migrating data to internal SD card resulted in copy rather than move

My phone memory is very full and I finally bought myself an SD card (128 GB UHS-1 Sandisk) and inserted it. I chose to use the SD card as internal space, because I would like to move apps there.  I also chose to migrate data. So far, so good it seemed. 12,6 GB of data are used on the SD card for Video's and Pictures. However.... they are not removed from the internal shared storage (the 30 GB phone storage). 


The internal storage still shows 13GB for video's and pictures and my internal shared storage is as full as it ever was. Even worse, I can't migrate the data back to the phone, because there is no space. I rebooted the phone and I tried ejecting and mounting the SD-card, but this did not help. When I have ejected the card, I cannot view the photos stored (I think a thumbnail is shown, but the photo does not load on a high resolution).


I see photos both via phone storage and SD-storage. Removing a photo results in removing the photo from both storages. In fact, it even says so. Translated from my phones language `Do you want to remove this item to the recycle bin? It will be removed from all folders.'


I am at a loss what to do. I don't want to remove all the photos and videos from my phone to a computer and restore them later to the phone, because I am afraid that it will mess up the photo's dates and most importantly, my synchronization to my Synology.


 I am on Android 8.1.0 by the way and have a MotoG5s Plus. As you can see in the screenshots, it states that 47 GB is occupied. However, since maximum storage of the phone itself is 32 GB and I only migrated data from phone to SD and have not added any new data, you would expect a total of 32 GB tops, not 47.

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