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Blue Screen Again
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Moto G5S Plus keeps restarting

So I had taken my sim card out of my Moto G5S Plus because I thought I was having problems with MMS messages. I waited a month and continued to have the same problem with the device I had borrowed(I have to call my service provider again, Cricket for the record). I had been using the Moto G5S Plus to watch video content and listen to music around the house as the borrowed device had a short battery life. So I put my sim card back in the Moto G5S Plus today and the dang thing is stuck in a reboot loop. I'll log all the way in and the in 30-60 seconds, the phone reboots. And reboots, and etc...


I did some research and someone said something about turning off automatic updates on the G5 and I tried that, but I couldn't find it in time. Someone also said something about Safe Mode and I tried that, but it still rebooted. I took the sim card back out and the problem disappeared. I am used to my Moto, the borrowed device is lacking compared to it and I'm getting frustrated. 


Has anyone else ran into this problem and is there a fix short of ANOTHER factory reset?


Thank you

Paper Tape
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Re: Moto G5S Plus keeps restarting

I haven’t found any Motorola support information for the exact problem you are experiencing. I have found information mentioning an issue with the phone restarting when opening Google Maps. As a shot in the dark, you might try disabling geo tagging within the camera app. If still the problems dont get solves contact me at nitech stainless inc.
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