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Moto G5s Battery Issues

Bought a Moto G5s as my phone had just been stolen and I was leaving for a holiday.

I've only had the phone for about a week and since day 1 I've had battery issues. Changed my phone all night last night and woke up to it on 88%. didn't use my phone for about an hour and it drained from 37% to around 14, another 40 minutes of Spotify music in offline downloaded mode without the screen on and it went to 2%. I've turned all settings that could drain battery off, read several forums posts with very similar problems and tried all the advice. Its a great phone but if the battery drains that badly I can't even use it as a normal phone as it won't last near half a day.

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Re: Moto G5s Battery Issues

Hi Langan,


Thanks for reaching out to us. We are always ready to assist here. Start with calibrating the battery of your phone. We do recommend these steps to re-calibrate the battery. Press and hold the power button until the screen turns off. The phone will reboot then on its own. (We call this a hard reset; it's equivalent to pulling the battery in days of removable batteries.) Charge the phone to 100% and then leave it on the charger for a few hours.


Your particular usage will affect how long you can go before recharging your battery. Navigating, playing games, surfing the Web, making calls and texting all use energy. You can install and use a wide variety of applications on your device, and each application has its own characteristics. You can visit this link for some tips to extend the battery life of your phone:


Motorola Support

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