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‎09-22-2017 04:23 AM

Bro while recording videos rear camera is somewhat good but considering front camera video recording is worst i don't why MOTOROLA is doing wrong with customers

to pcmr

Dude u think rear camera is good or great ri8 rec 4k 30 fps and check the info don't give wrong info what is resolution 1000*1000 what does this means and last 4k 30 fps info will b 13 megapixel not 8 megapixel while capturing Ur so called great or good rear camera in 4k 30fps why info showing 8 megapixel where the megapixel of rear is 13 i think u should google to know more knowledge about pixels and how they works and pls don't give false info that it is good or great Ur front camera at 8mp is also showing 2.1mp while recording so is this means front is bad and rear is good .... my whole point is that u r wrong neither the front camera is good not the rear cos the info's from both camera will show 8mp and 13 mp respectively not like 2.1mp in front and rear 8mp u should not do this when everyone and i say each and everyone facing the issue if u r satisfied then please don't comment no one is satisfy after giving 16000 for a camera phone do u know what that mean what do u mean by camera phone.. it means the phone has best features for camera i think now u got Ur answer if not then please stop arguing
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Camera issues in G5s plus

As I'm a die hard fan of Moto,But certain things disappointed me which may lead me not to buy a Moto phone again.I brought Moto G5s plus because it's highlighted feature is Dual camera one is Monochrome and another one is RGB lenses which can able to gather more light and reduce the noises but in this case low light photography are coming noise and also shutter speed is very slow,still depth enabled mode is not able to capture proper photos and lot more...which can be resolved by software updates according to many reviewers on YouTube.
      My sincere request please provide updates and resolve these issues other wise in this competitive market u will lose ur customer for sure.It's my advice/request or else one day my sentence will be starting from " I was a die hard fan...".
     Moto has launched G5s plus few days back whose main feature was dual camera which can take good photos in low light as well as in depth of the field Mode but it is lagging to perform (the same lenses are also used in Honor 8 and Honor 6x, which are taking way better photos due to well developed camera app with regular updates.) But in case of MiA1, what they have promised they are able to deliver that much and also they have promised rest of the things they will fix by giving software updates.
   Go to play store and see the camera app rating.its only 2.8 where as for other companies it's more than 3.8.
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Re: Moto G5s Plus Camera Related Serious Issues

Still now no reply sir,can it be possible to resolve or not?
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Right camera not working

In my Moto G5S Plus mobile right camera is not working when i place an object behing one camera and checked that other is working or not, where the right camera is showing blur image and also the camera images are not clear.


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hi my moto g5s plus fails to capture images sometimes in depth mode it show "CAPTURE FAILED"?

Paper Tape
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Re: Moto G5s Plus Camera Related Serious Issues

Camera is not that much good as expected from Moto 😫
Punch Card
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When should we expect the fixes for the camera issues aknowladged

Hello Moto Support team,


Any one have any idea, when we will get the updates for fixes on camera issues. like:

1.front camera dark video recording.

2. Rear camera video quality not accurate as per the video size selected.

3. Panorama mode on rear camera , darkness.

4. Blur - Depth mode , corner of focus also getting blured.

5. Depth mode- taking too long time to save the image.

6. Rear camera shutter lag.

7. Picture quality getting changed once photo taken, after a second photo quality getting noise.

8. 4k Recording do not hae stabilization

9. and most of the camera related issues reported and aknowladged till now.


Not exect date, but atleast tell us the month, by which month all these issues will be fixed and we will get update.?

and by which way is it possible to get the fixes, do we will get camera app update ? camera tuner app update ?

or fixes will be pushed with andorid 8 update ?

Senior MotoAgent
Senior MotoAgent
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Re: Moto G5s Plus Camera Related Serious Issues

Hello guys,


Thanks for bringing all of these to our attention. I've passed these to our product team and we'll have improvements for the camera in a future update. I wish I could provide a timeframe for it, but I can't. I'll let everyone know here when I have more information.



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Re: Another camera thread issue

Nothing to say?
Punch Card
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Camera quality

Lowlight performance is worst and the camera is dead slow. When your providing us the update which fixes the bugs? Already mi a1 has got a major update of around 1gb . When are you giving us the update? 


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