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Moto g5s Plus: loosing gps signal

I have moto g5s plus.  the phone is great overall except one thing:  the gps signal gets constantly lost when I am driving and this made me miss a number of turns/exits and other less desirable things. 


Initially, I thought it's the network where I have empty gps cell pockets.  Upon very frequent reoccurence of 'gps lost' lost pattern the following relationships were observed:


1) The gps signal almost surely gets lost when I have bluetooth on. 

2) The gps signal also gets lost when I switch from wifi to data to wifi to data.

3) The gps signal almost never gets lost when I do neither 1) or 2) which is impossible from practical perspective.

4) The gps signal would get lost always within first 3-5 minutes of driving given 1) and 2) have somehow been triggered


The only solution I was able to find is to reboot the phone (works about half the time)  


I thought perhaps its google maps, but the same story happens with osmand and here maps. 

I also thought there is no gps signal coming in.  Other devices devices register gps signal very strongly.  


So I am leaning toward saying its the hardware or moto software issue.

Has anyone experienced this and what is the solution besides getting a new phone that works?  



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Senior MotoAgent
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Re: Moto g5s Plus: loosing gps signal

Hi fibergoose,


Thank you for reporting, we would like to investigate this further. Could you enable your device Bluetooth/WiFi and test GPS under Moto Help app > Hardware test > GPS test and share us the screenshot showing what you see?


  • May I have the postal codes where you see this impacted? 
  • Please confirm if you notice this at all the location you have tested your GPS when enabled with Bluetooth/WiFi.
  • Can we test in Safe Mode to see if this makes any difference--having your Bluetooth/WiFI enabled as you only notice this while the settings are enabled. 
  • Let's also try performing Network Reset under Settings Network & Internet > Three dots > Reset and observe. Let us know the results.

If you still notice the issue, let us capture a Bug Report for our team to further investigate.


1. Go to Settings -> About Phone -> Tap on Build number 7 times on the build number to go into the developer options mode]

2. After the above steps, Developer options will be enabled.
3. Go to Settings ->Developer options -> Enable USB debugging > Toggle On
4. Enable Settings -> Developer options -> Enable Bug Report shortcut > Toggle On
5. Enable Settings -> Developer options -> Enable Wi-Fi Verbose Logging > Toggle On
6. Once the issue is reproduced, Go to Settings -> Developer options -> Click on take bug report or Press Power button and then choose Bug Report from the Power-down menu.
7. Wait for some time until the bug report is collected. It takes around 3 to 4 minutes to collect the Bug Report.
8. Then upload the Bug Report to your personal Google Drive and then share the link to the Bug Report on the forums in a reply or via a private message.
9. Provide observations of what you saw happen right before the bug report was taken. Please indicate the time that you observed the behavior in local time.


Let us know if you have any questions?




Motorola Support

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