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Fanfold Paper
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Moto g5s plus video lagging while recording

When I am recording video with my moto g5s plus the viewfinder shows it's lagging but actually it is really recording lagging video. Actually it drops frames while recording video. It's  happening with 1080p and 4k also.


This is a huge failure of moto I am not happy with these phone at all phones like moto g5 plus and even g5s+ have this issue their camera app updates are fake not improving anything and look at their camera app size bloody 100mb you kidding? Is anything special here?? Oh Nothing just garbage. Even older versions were better.


What the hell moto is doing exactly how they can launch their phones with these heavy bugs??? 


MOTO is now making us Fooool big fooool . I don't care about updates but at least camera should be working fine 👈. What you moto guys actallac thinks ??


👉Is this the same company who invented world first mobile????? First scatter proof mobile. Shame on you moto feel it!!!👎👎👎👎


Anyone give me authentic (moto) answer no tattle tales.


No, apologies I need to know what is really happening. And how to solve this.


It would be really shameful if no replies. 

My phone is okey under warranty working fine I am not using any external card for recording.


It would be really shameful if no replies.

Senior MotoAgent
Senior MotoAgent
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Re: Moto g5s plus video lagging while recording

Hi RK29,


Greetings from Motorola,


We are sorry for the inconvenience caused. Since you have tried with changing the resolution, please check with few more checkpoints and let us know.


* Tap on Settings>>Apps>>Camera>>Storage>>Clear data.

* Tap on Settings>>Apps>>Camera>>3 dots>>Uninstall the updates & install the same again.


We also request you to share us camera app version number with us. 


We want to look further into this, if you can update your profile with the IMEI of your device, this can help us investigate and see what's causing the disconnect. Also, kindly send a bug report regarding this. Bug report will collect information about your current device state.

Here's how:
Note: Capture the report right after the issue happened.

1. Go to Settings -> About Phone -> Tap on Build number 7 times on the build number to go into the developer options mode]
2. After the above steps, Developer options will be enabled.
3. Go to Settings ->Developer options -> Enable USB debugging > Toggle On
4. Enable Settings -> Developer options -> Enable Bug Report shortcut > Toggle On
5. Enable Settings -> Developer options -> Enable Wi-Fi Verbose Logging > Toggle On
6. Once the issue is reproduced, Go to Settings -> Developer options -> Click on take bug report or Press Power button and then choose Bug Report from the Power down menu.
7. Wait for some time until the bug report is collected. It takes around 3 to 4 minutes to collect the Bug Report.
8. Then upload the Bug Report to your personal Google Drive and then share the link to the BugReport on the forums in a reply or via a private message.
9. Provide observations of what you saw happen right before the bug report was taken. Please indicate the time that you observed the behavior in local time.


Thanks & Regards
Lenovo-Moto Support

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Moto g5s plus video lagging while recording

I appreciate the reply ,but moto please don't divert the issue there is nothing wrong in my mobile phone that is causing this problem.

The reality is that it is happening in all moto g5 and g5s plus .

Moto is a great big company can't moto itself test this issue to confirm this is not my fault.

👉Test the moto g5+ and g5s+.

I tried everything before this reply even I used many older camera app version and also third party apps but issue is just same.

But I am sharing my bug report to confirm there is nothing wrong with my mobile.

Please give me a satisfactory reply.
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