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One Button Navigation mode vibration choice !!`

Its irritating then using one button navigation feature it vibrate. Moto should provide option to off vibration but there is no such option to off vibration. And I have told this 5 months ago then then you replied and total we have taken your feedback but in reality you have not taken give update to off vibration . Moto becoming worst smartphone company

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Re: One Button Navigation mode vibration choice !!`

Saying things like "Thanks for your feedback" or "We will share it with the team" is not a guarantee that your suggestion is going to be implemented.


What it really means is that they may have liked your idea and passed it up to the next level.

Even if the next level guys like the idea there is still no guarantees.


They may find a way to add the option and push it out as an update or they may simply use the idea on future models...


On a side note: Why did you create a new topic about this when you simply could have posted this in your old one?

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Re: One Button Navigation mode vibration choice !!`

Closing thread. Please use existing thread refernced above. 

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