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Re: Moto G6 Plus couldn't use SD card as Adoptable storage?

2018-08-02, 14:15 PM

If adopted storage caused problems for many, why did Motorola enable internal storage option on the new G6 and G6 Play, just not the G6 Plus? Still makes absolutely no sense.

Motorola made a choice. They decided that G6+ users would prefer Direct Boot and FBE over Adopted Storage. And they decided that G6 and G6 Play users would prefer Adopted Storage.
I can particularly see that on the 16GB Play, less so on the 32GB phones but maybe it would be an issue. 

The 64GB+ phones have plenty of room for apps, so portable storage only (for photos, music, etc) is entirely reasonable.

Have you actually looked into the differences between FDE and the FBE/Direct Boot combination?


If not, this article may help you undrestand the differences.

FWIW, I'd rather not have to enter credentials after booting to get calls, text messages, and other notifictions (especially alarms). Then again, I don't use encryption at all on my phones.


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Re: Adoptable storage

2018-11-25, 16:43 PM



I've read through the forum but no answer seems to have transpired. I have a Moto G6 Play and have been able to install an SD card as Internal Storage. However,  when i try to move files to this extention of my internal storage, error messages appear. I've tried to move all at once, as the last step of setting SD card as internal storage allows, but was barred as well as trying to move each app individually which results in a message that states: "couldn't move app. internal error".


I expect there should be no issues seeing as my model does seem to support formating a SD card as part of the internal storage, as mentioned in your message.


Please advise on a solution. I am not an expert, so if you could provide me with specific instructions, it would be very much appreciated.


Thank you.


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Re:Adoptable storage

2020-03-27, 15:05 PM
Waarom is app to sd niet ondersteund?
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