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Moto G6 Play: Huge lag and freezing issue

2020-02-22, 21:41 PM

Since last year my Moto G6 has been lagging and it is getting worse and worse...I am close to chucking it around 8 times a day it is so infuriating. 


I think they've been a couple of updates that I've downloaded - the first one was sometime last year and that was when I started observing the lag. There was a second one after (can't recall if that was this year or late last year) and I thought it might be a bug fix to resolve this lag, but if anything it's got worse. 


It happens every single day, but it doesn't discriminate on what app I am using or what I am doing on the phone.  It happens when I'm typing freezing mid text, sometimes for a few seconds other times much longer where I usually have to turn the phone off and on to refresh it. Some apps freeze on opening up, so I have to close and re-open them. When I take photos there is often a lag from pressing the button to the photo actually taking...sometimes as long as 30 seconds, which is absolutely useless! 


Anyway, you get the idea, there is a terrible lag on a daily basis!


I've been holding off doing the factory reset as I've heard different opinions on whether this actually works or not and so I don't want the hassle of that if it doesn't work. 


However, has anyone else had this issue and had it resolved, either with the factory reset or other? My phone is coming dangerously close to being chucked in the Thames and I'm pretty sure that's not good for the environment, so I could really do with getting this resolved! 

Thanks in advance for any help. 




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Re:Moto G6 Play: Huge lag and freezing issue

2020-02-23, 14:10 PM

I wouldn't fear doing a Factory Reset. I do one at least a couple of times a year on my Android phones as a kind of 10,000 mile service. Clears out all the junk and keeps my phones fast and slick.


I backup my installed apps to my SD card in the phone with this little app,




Making sure in it's settings I've pointed to to my SD card. Saves time re-downloading all my apps and saves download data. Some apps that it backs up won;t install from the copy so those are the ones I

just re-download. I don't like Google installing everything Automatically so skip that when setting up and do it all myself. I find a I get less problems doing it this way.



And I have Google Photos installed so all my piccys are uploaded to here,



HTH :)


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