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A possible temporary trick for that G6 wifi problem SO many people seem to have.


If you have the issue at home where you can't reconnect to your router AT ALL after losing connection in the first hour of use, until you fully reset the router, try disabling/enabling ACK in the router settings. This gives me two or three hours of a nice connection, until I have to do it again, and it doesn't cut off the net for your housemates. I've also had to assign a static IP to the phone, although I don't know if that plays into it, so take that into account. 


If you have this issue and are reading this before the store warranty runs out, return your phone asap, it's not going to get fixed, pick something other than Lenovo or Motorola. Try to not let them give you a new Moto G6, if possible. Plenty of people have, only to receive another broken device.




I have a G6 Play - until it is returned. Because I'm not even going to bother creating a help thread here with my IMEI, verbose logging etc. So many people have, and the lack of support is baffling, to be honest. Nothing has happened. Lenovo/Moto have obviously made a very flawed range of devices and are never going to own up to that, or make any software updates. Because, you see, only a few hundred people have this issue, not thousands.


I've tried everything that I've found on this forum, and the net, to try and fix it. From this thread and others. Sorry for the frustration, no hate to the support staff here, these are things that need to get fixed by the higher ups.


Steps taken to resolve:

1) Turn off Wi-Fi scanning (blue tooth scanning still on)

2) Keep wi-fi on during sleep - Always

3) Avoid bad wifi connections (Off - aka Wi-Fi switching)

4) Network rating provider - Off (Had been set to Google)

5) Turn off Wi-Fi

6) Reset Network Settings

7) Power off phone

8) Reset Cache and reboot phone - In Recovery mode (sounds difficult but super easy)

9) Turn off/Unplug ISP modem & router

10) Turn on/Plug in ISP modem & router (waited until router reestablished connections to other devices in home)

11) On phone - Turned Wi-Fi on

12) Reconnected to home Wi-fi network








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My new MotoG6 stopped connecting to WiFi



I bought MotoG6 plus 6 days ago. For fist 2 days the phone worked fine. On day 3 I restarted my phone for some reason and since then it will not connect to any WiFi in the vicinity. I tried my neighbours wifi. My own home WiFi. 


I tried hostspot and it works but no WiFi. 


I have tried all available help like like factory reset, changes on router etc. Tried it all. Nothing works.


can you help me please.

Senior MotoAgent
Senior MotoAgent
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Re: My new MotoG6 stopped connecting to WiFi

Hi Deep100619,


Sorry to hear about that, can we try to remove and reconnect to the network. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi >Touch the "network name" > Forget > Attempt to reconnect to the network. 


If this did not help, you can go to Settings >> Network &Internet >> Three dots >> Reset >> Reboot your device and the router > Wait for a while and try to establish the connection again. Let us know how it goes?


Also, please confirm if you notice any error while connecting to your Home Router? If yes, please share us a screenshot --we would like to take a look.




Motorola Support

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Re: My new MotoG6 stopped connecting to WiFi

Hi Swaraj,

After trying various options available on internet, i was fianlly able to connect the home network.

Not sure which solution worked.

Will try your solution incase this happens again (fingers crossed Smiley Happy ).

Appreciate your help and quick response.




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