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Can't text a particular contact til I delete then re-add them

My Moto G6 works great except every so often, someone I've been texting forever will not receive my texts. When I finally find out that's happening (because I get a "delivered" message), if I delete the contact then re-add them, they get my texts again. But then down the road some time later, they'll stop receiving them again til I delete/re-add. This has happened now with at least 5 contacts I have. 


Anyone else having this problem and figured out why and maybe a solution?


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Re: Can't text a particular contact til I delete then re-add them

I've seen this happen on other phones and there's some things to try.


1:Manual Scan for your Network and when it the list comes up chose any Carrier but yours and let it fail.Then pick yours and shut the phone down for a few mins and restart it.


2:Go to Delete the Contacts app(If you are on Google check it's been synced to save contacts etc go Settings>Accounts>Google and untick and re-tick the syncs to make sure they are up-to-date.


When you do Disable or remove a system app like the Contacts it should offer to restore the Factory version.Take this option and restart the phone.


HTH Smiley Happy

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