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Disappointed in Moto G6 ! No Longer Loyal to Motorola / Lenovo

Disappointed in Moto G6 ! No Longer Loyal to Motorola / Lenovo

Since I mought my first moto g3 phone, I've been a strong supporter in Motorola phones and Lenovo products.


I also bought:

2 moto G4 phones for my family.

2 Lenovo monitors

1 Lenovo Tablet

Got a friend to buy the moto g6 play phone.

Was planning to buy lenovo desktop computer.


As you can see, I go to Motorola and Lenovo FIRST!


Unfortunately, In the last week, I went to buy a Moto G6 and minutes before I was going to tell the employee at Best Buy to get me the moto G6...I noticed the screen was dimmer. I tried to max it and it couldn't get brighter. It was noticebly dimmer than my moto g3 and even dimmer than the moto g6 play. I had to retreat and didn't buy the phone. I did some more research and came to the conclusion that the moto g6's screen was just dimmer than the g6 play and g3/g4.


You guys losted me! Overall, it's a great phone, but the dim screen makes it look darker and cheaper. I take use this junk under the sun! I can use a phone and constantly reminded how cheap it looks.


I'm also not going to get the G7 becasue the camera at the top looks ugly as it protrudes down the screen. Makes me think of a widows peak. I loved how straight the top part of the screens look on older models and other phones...but the camera coming down at the top is just too ugly.


I loved motorola/lenovo products and I was loyal..and want to continue to be...but you guys lost me here. I cannot be loyal anymore and that's really too bad. Your new products suck! I have to look for better alternatives now.




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