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GPS Daemon Unsolicited Location Request Bug

I've come to noticed that certain unsolicited location request get passed to the GPS daemon (android.gps - 1021)


The usual request is from which is part of the GPS service. I've no problem with that. What I don't get and accept is location request from websites, unknown URLs being sent to the GPS daemon even thought I've not granted location access/permission to chrome nor Brave. Web view is disabled by default.


I see request from, and, just to mention a few. The last two URLs seem to be podcast services. I use beyondpod for my podcast needs and this has no location permission just storage. Nevertheless the leak could come from the download manager or related services. Beyondpod does use chrome but to my knowledge this is only to view web content within the app.


In the effort to test this behavior I've reduce the GPS location settings to Device Only. I've turned off WiFi and Bluetooth scanning OFF. This solves nothing. Even with GPS off. Not that this would do anything as location calls are started from within the phone.


Why is this behavior accepted? Why are sites allow to know one's location when I've not agree to such behavior. I've deny and blocked location permissions for my browsers. So how are these location request being leaked/relayed to GPS daemon? Fused Location?


Please fix this bug/behavior Lenovo. I've no issues for services for which I've granted access to locate my phone position when the service is needed for maps, finding my phone and the like (e.g. Google, Moto) but constant location check-in in the background for unsolicited websites when these have been clearly denied is of great concern.


- Has anybody else noticed this behavior?

- Have you been able to solve it?

- What can one expect from GPS Daemon other than developer information found online which does not help the end-user in my situation?


~How did I came to find this out? Via my network logs and via VPN logs.

ps. I don't install nor use games on my phone.


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Senior MotoAgent
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Re: GPS Daemon Unsolicited Location Request Bug

Hi SevenFactors,


Thanks for reaching out to us. We'd like to be able to see what you are actually experiencing. Please test this in safe mode. If it also happens while the phone is in safe mode, share screenshots showing it. To go into Safe Mode, press the physical power key, then press and hold the pop-up "Power off" key until the Safe Mode instructions pop up.


Motorola Support

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